Our mother...

Our Mother

beneath our feet

blessed be your name.


Your wisdom come,

your love be felt

on earth

that we can make it a heaven.


Give us today our daily compassion,

and forgive us loving ourselves too little.


Lead us not into separation,

but bring us into balance;


for thine is the earth,

the wonder and the beauty,

for ever and ever.


This prayer comes from a deep place, from the perspective of the divine feminine that has been disregarded and denigrated for centuries. It recognises the great power beneath our feet, the connection with our ancestors, the beauty of our connection with nature and with each other. It asks us to honour this connection and to remember it, because forgetting has led us into this spiritual wilderness and we are all so ready to come back home.

We have excluded ourselves from a sense of belonging. We have convinced ourselves that we are not dependent on our mother earth for every breath we take and every step we make. We have forgotten her and made her invisible and disregarded her needs as we take take take from her and seldom think about how we can give back.

And because this is the model we have come to accept, we do the same with ourselves and our own bodies. We give and give and give and forget to fill our own wells, so we are running on empty, and depleted and confused and out of balance.

And so we live our lives responding to the ups and downs of our world, while a deep and connected life, and peaceful sense of belonging wait patiently.

There is an easy way to access this divine and grounding energy that sustains us whether we acknowledge it or not, as this beautiful, all-embracing loving energy lives silently beneath our feet.

If we can spend a couple of minutes a day thinking about mother earth and feeling our connection with her then she will start a relationship with us that will change us, that will help us to grow.

If we can simply take off our shoes and walk barefoot while thinking about the blessings beneath our feet, or sit on the floor and give gratitude for our many blessings, or find a beautiful tree and sit against her trunk listening for her wise counsel, or discover a special rock to sit on in silence until her quiet voice finds us, we will commune with our great mother.

These things can bring us back home, can ground us in our place and in our bodies, can give us the inner peace that we so crave, can show us the true measure of success, can balance our frazzled brains and hearts.

Each time we connect with our mother in this way we are creating new pathways that will lead us to a sense of belonging to ourselves and to each other, and will lay the foundation for the new world that is currently and painfully being born through each one of us.

Thank you our mother. We love you. Show us your ways.

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