About Emma Farry

Emma Farry 


Emma is an award winning author whose work is about emotion, and the life of the spirit. Her offerings are designed to start a conversation with the heart of the viewer/reader.

Emma is passionate about meditation and has taught mindfulness classes at the Auckland Women's Centre, Women's Refuge Centres and in schools.

She draws strength from her rich Lebanese heritage as well as the Scottish determination and Celtic love for nature she inherited from her mum.

Emma is grateful for the wisdom of Maoritanga in Aotearoa/New Zealand. She acknowledges the kaitiaki (guardianship) of the tangata whenua from the Reweti Marae who protect Muriwai Beach where she lives. She pays respect to them and their elders, past, present and future.

Emma's books Beloved and Freedom Song are a representation of her values through her words. Her journey of loss and grief and finding grounding and connection through the chaos has helped her understand the importance of acknowledging challenging emotions and finding peace within.

Emma is a businesswoman and author who is passionate about spreading a message of unity, empathy and understanding. 

Recently launched 'Mental Health Conversations' Podcast

Emma is working with Ayesha Asif, her Communications and Marketing manager on a series of Podcasts "Mental Health Conversations", giving people the tools to access their inner riches. The podcast aims to teach self-compassion and shares tools that help us to connect more deeply with ourselves and our world through meditation and grounding exercises. 

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Some Facts About Emma:

  • Her first novel "Redemption" was published in New York by Face to Face Press in 2002. You can still buy it on Amazon
    • Emma is a keen photographer and all images on her social media channels and those featured in her book 'Beloved' are her originals. 
    • Emma has meditated every day since March 9th, 1997, and still feels like a beginner in this practice. The deep benefits she receives from meditation are something she wants to share with the world.  She teaches meditation and mindfulness courses at the Auckland Women's Centre and at various Women's Refuges around Tamaki Makaurau.
    • She was working as a temp at MSNBC in New York on September 11th, 2001. Seeing the CFO standing at his desk crying while watching the carnage unfold on his TV screen was one of her many memories of that day.
    • Emma and her friends started Saama, New Zealand’s first multi-cultural talent agency. 
      The promotional video of Saama filmed around 1995
      Saama Team photo
      Emma and her friends who worked on Saama.
      • Emma is a Reiki master. She had all her business cards printed when she realised that it was herself not "clients" that needed healing. She recently threw away those 250 business cards and smiled at the different ways the healing energy had manifested in her life.
      • After her post-graduate diploma in journalism, she worked at her first newspaper job at the Otago Daily Times in Dunedin covering the social welfare around. Back then journalists wrote their stories on typewriters, people still smoked at work and the bosses were all male. 
      ODT Newspaper
      • Emma spent a few years working as a freelance researcher on lifestyle television shows, like NZ House and Garden”, “Maggie’s Garden Show” and “NZ’s Got Talent”


      Emma made this video for a friend in Paris who wanted help to start a meditation practice. Give it a try if you need some help on the inward journey.