About Me

Emma Farry 

Emma works to spread love, wellness, and appreciation of self and life. 

She acknowledges the great gift of Maori wisdom, kaitiaki (guardianship) and manaakitanga (hospitality) in Aotearoa/New Zealand. She also draws strength from her rich Lebanese heritage as well as the Scottish determination and love for nature she inherited from her kiwi mum.

Emma's books 'Beloved' and 'Freedom Song' are a representation of her values through her words. Her journey of loss and grief and finding ground through the chaos has helped her understand the importance of acknowledging challenging emotions and finding peace within.

Emma is a businesswoman and author who believes in bringing integrity to all her endeavors. She was brought up in a family that valued service to others and spread kindness where possible. She uses these core values to inform her creative and business life. Her motto in business and in life is 'spread the love'. Her words and art exist in order to accomplish this mission. This all sounds very lofty and earnest but Emma enjoys a good laugh, often at her own expense.

Watch this space:

Emma is working with Ayesha Asif, her Communications and Marketing manager on a series of Podcasts "The Wreck Room". Giving people the tools to access their inner riches. The podcast aims to teach the act of self-kindness and shares tool that help us to connect more deeply with ourselves and our world. how to connect with yourself.  

Emma and Ayesha

Some Facts About Emma:

The promotional video of Saama filmed around 1995
Saama Team photo
Emma and her friends who worked on Saama.
ODT Newspaper


Emma made this video for a friend in Paris who wanted help to start a meditation practice. Give it a try if you need some help on the inward journey.