About Me


Words have always answered questions for me. I have a deep curiosity about life and people, and writing has always been a way for me to make sense of all the random stuff my sensitive soul picks up along the way.

As I've aged I have started to look not just at other people, but inside myself to get the answers that I crave and that inner journey has given me many gifts. One of those is the book "Beloved" which brings together my love of nature, with the insights I received during the most challenging time in my life.

The idea of the Soul Stones also emerged from the time I spent grieving my darling mother. I suppose it was my response to the impermanence and fragility of life. I looked to nature, and to stones in particular as a repository for timeless messages that would last much longer than a human lifetime.

That's all a bit deep and serious and so here are...

14 Interesting Facts About Me: 


I made this video for a friend in Paris who wanted me to help her start a meditation practice. I use it with my boys (aged 9 and 12) and we usually get five minutes of peace and silence after much hilarity (mostly about the funny sound of my voice).

Give it a try if you need some help on the inward journey.


This video was made back before I took my own photographs. I watched it again recently and I liked the mixture of words, images and music.