For Zari who couldn't stay

Zari who couldn't stay

You came as we all do;

agreeing to a body,

vulnerable and unique.


You saw, 


took it in deep.


Could I have sat beside you through the deepest of that dark, dark night?


You went silently,

tired of the fight

you must have weighed it up

many times.


You were astute and you were wise

but your calculations were incorrect

because we are all connected;

tiny, jagged, intricate pieces

of this one nefarious puzzle.


If you could have calculated correctly 

the breadth and depth 

of our feelings for you

could you have stayed?


You collected us along the way

those who saw you

recognised you

gave thanks for you quietly.

Perhaps you couldn't hear us,

we didn't know 

you were drowning.


Forgive us Zari 

for not knowing

that you needed 

more (or was it less) than you had


I hope as soon as you were released

from your body

you understood

the mysterious importance

of all you gave, shared, were.


You were taken by the dark night 

but we will meet again,

your dreamy eyes only resting a little,

untroubled at last,

as you welcome the multitudes within you

as you surrender to your wholeness

before you bless us again.

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