Rest and Relax - Guided Meditation

An easy intro to meditation for those having trouble finding the time. 

This video is a simple way to start a daily meditation practice.

Just find a quiet. comfortable space and relax into it. I think you'll find it easier than you thought it would be. Good luck...

Also listen as a podcast >

Let me know how you go. 

- Emma X


  • Lissa McDonald

    Emma, now that you’ve closed you YouTube account, could you remove the link on your web page please? And please leave the audio up forever as I still use it every night.

  • Emma Farry

    Hi Teresa, I’m so happy that something clicked for you during the meditation. I hope that you continue to meditate and that the pool of peace inside you increases with each day. Keep going and let me know how you go x

  • Teresa

    I have just done you meditation. Saw you on tv. I found it easy to listen to and feel calmer. Am struggling with recovering from burnout from work and my aim every day to to breathe when I start to get stressed at work. Will also aim to do this session in my lunch break. Thank you. I have listened to a few meditation apps and have not really gelled you you have made something click. Thank you

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