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A terrifying separation made for a memorable moment for Emma Farry.

We have just returned from a three-month sabbatical with our two boys around Europe the Middle East and Turkey; an eye-opening, educational and life-changing journey for all of us.

Istanbul, Turkey was our final destination and after three months on the road, we were all a bit the worse for wear; counting down the days until we could return home.

We decided to take a ferry trip to Prince's Island in the middle of Istanbul's spectacular harbour. After hours on the packed ferry, we arrived at our destination, where the boys had a swim to cool down in the unbelievable heat. An hour later we were ready to get back on the boat.

We were a couple of stops from our final destination when my cell phone started to ring. Mark, my husband, said ''don't bother to pick it up, as it's a local number'' so I ignored it twice.

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