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Best of all worlds by the beaches of Karitane

New York and Karitane might not appear to have a lot in common; but for Mark Grocott and Emma Farry, they have been superb places to both live and work.

When the couple decided to make the move to running a business themselves, they left the bright lights of New York for the small seaside settlement where Ms Farry had spent holidays since she was a child.

Thanks to modern technology, the couple have been able to operate Sol Pharmacy, a healthcare business which is the online arm of LaHood's Pharmacy in Gore, owned by Ms Farry's cousin Mark LaHood, from their home.

"Mark [Grocott] always said once broadband came to Karitane, he'd come and do business here,'' Ms Farry said.

''And it still hasn't really arrived,'' Mr Grocott said.

Ms Farry took little convincing to make the move. She was keen to be closer to and spend time with her parents in Dunedin, she knew there was a good school for the children, and the settlement was familiar.

Being able to go down a pathway to the beach and then walk along the sand to school was ''very cool'', while Mr Grocott said all his business ideas were generated while walking on the beach.

''I feel as if we've been gifted a lot by being here,'' Ms Farry said.

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