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Beatties Book Blog: Beloved book launch glittering multicultural experience


Writer, photographer, entrepreneur and mother, Emma Farry was thrilled to launch her book Beloved at the eponymous Women’s Bookshop this week. For once, Carole took a well-earned break from catering – including not having to make her signature guacamole! – as Emma and her team of helpers swung into action, providing delicious sushi and fruit platters; champagne and Ferrero Rocher chocolates.  

Surrounded by a strong contingent of beloved Lebanese family and friends, Emma was emotional as the evening segued into singing, speeches, Maori prayers and blessings. Emma’s friend Monique Rhodes, an internationally acclaimed singer, songwriter and producer, performed a moving song she had written, as her tribute to Emma and Beloved. Emma’s cousin Eva, who hails from Beirut and sings in a choir which travels the world, sang a song in Arabic and French inspired by the words of St Francis of Assisi; Emma’s nieces recited beautiful blessings in Te Reo. Not surprisingly, there wasn’t a dry eye in the room.


Emma Farry has written Beloved from the heart, after her mother’s passing, and as a way of supporting others who may be struggling with grief and change. Emma found solace in nature and meditation and wrote Beloved as an antidote to these crazy, accelerated and uncertain times. The words and images in her book encourage us to slow down, breathe more deeply and connect with our true nature; allowing us to be more resilient and present in our lives. 

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