My soul stones

Anam cara soul stone

When I was grieving my mum I found that nature was the only place vast enough to contain the raw and overwhelming emotion that washed through me.

I sat on a lonely rock at the end of Karitane beach most days for two years, listening to the sounds of nature, expressing my sadness and waiting to feel better.

The wisdom I received from my time on “the rock” made me realize that there is a life force, and a message in every part of nature. I started to look more closely at the rocks on the beach that I walked every day, and the more I studied them, the more I loved them.

I realized that there were words inside each stone.

Words that could remind us of truths we have forgotten.

I choose each of my Soul Stones by hand, and they come from many different parts of Aotearoa (New Zealand). Each stone comes with information about its geographical place. Some of the stones are from our rivers, and some are from our coastline, and each one is filled with its own quiet wisdom.

I believe that the mauri or life force within the stones can help us to remember ancient truths that can be forgotten in the rush of our daily lives.

Each stone is completely unique, with a message that I hope will resonate with you.


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