Conversing with Corona



How do you survive?

I survive because you have failed to protect your mother earth and you have failed to protect yourselves. You have lost your connections to yourselves and to the earth and this is one of the things I have been sent to strengthen.

 Why did you come?

You are stuck in a system where profit is the highest measure of success. In order to elevate profit to this high position, you have had to ignore some essential elements. Each living thing deserves a life and a death of dignity. There is no room for such things when living beings are traded for money.

You came to this planet through the same evolutionary process I have passed through. We are linked, our karma deeply entwined. As you evolve, I evolve.

I live in you and I take what I need for my survival, just like you do.


Yes, but I don’t kill people.

Yes you do every day, through your unsustainable systems, through your greed and your ignorance –millions of living being are lost daily. You have placed yourselves at the top of a murderous hierarchy and though I do not have the power to fully topple it  I do have the power to make you stop and think.

I am not your curse, but rather the first messenger in a series of messengers that have been mobilised to stop you in your tracks.

You see the tracks you have built, the progress you have made is not true progress at all. You are part of a great being, part of an ecosystem that is struggling under your lack of awareness.

My tiny particles engender fear and death to some, and to others, I will pass through their systems with hardly a symptom. Your deaths and the disruption of the systems you have built is not my primary purpose, but these parts of my existence have done well to get your grudging attention.

 I am here to show you that you are not separate from each other, you do not live in cities and countries, you live on a planet that supports you in every way possible, that asks nothing from you, but the same awareness that exists in each living being. This awareness of your interconnectedness, of the vastness of your true being, is what I am here to show you.


When will you go away?

Currently, billions of dollars are being pumped into the pharmaceutical industry as it develops a vaccine against me. This must be done in order for you to bring back the dominion you have grown used to, but it is just another step in the further degradation of an organic planet that has the resources to be able to take care of each one of you. All you need to do is to use your knowledge, intelligence and skills in order to accept your role as a key player in an unfolding drama, rather than the controlling director.


What is your purpose?

My purpose is to help you to start on your inward journey. When the doors are closed and many of your usual distractions are no longer allowed there is a chance for you to understand your life more fully. I am giving you a chance to simplify and to slow down so that you can plan for the days to come.


What about climate change?

The climate catastrophe is but another messenger alerting you to the very same lesson. Our mother’s time frames are much vaster than your own and so it is hard for you to see your lives on the true horizon of time. It is difficult for you to believe that you have done enough damage to cause your own destruction.

This is true but it is also false in the way of many riddles. There are large arcs of time that our planet passes through in the phases of her lifetime. She is already in a phase of transformation but the imbalances that your systems have imposed, have sped up her process and unbalanced the eco-sphere enough to call into question the continued survival of your species on this planet.

But it is not too late.

There is time and room for you to not just survive but thrive. Over billions of years, the same evolution that has grown me and you has put the exact right conditions into place to support this unique place we both call home.


What will happen next?

Eventually, my power will decline. I will probably be banished by a vaccine and if not, over the decades to come I will be reduced to no more than a strain of the common cold.

In the meantime, I am giving you a gift. I am asking you to slow down, to look into your hearts, to find your kindness, to own up to historical injustices and to acknowledge the mess you have made of your home.

Don’t be shocked that it is all happening at once and that so many things are toppling over, or falling apart, or being exposed for the evils that they are.

This is a sacred time, and despite what most of you think, I am a sacred messenger.

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