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Step Up is a combined initiative between Training for You (NZ workplace trainer, NZQA Category 1 provider), Counties Manukau District Health Board and is funded by the Tertiary Education Commission. 

Tutor Rani Timoti has used Freedom Song for the first time in her Perception session- a reflective session which challenges participants to look at work, home and life scenarios from different perspectives and recognise their assumptions and presumptions from their world view. 

Learning Outcomes: To provide literacy and numeracy support where needed through an interesting course. This involves understanding how communication works at its best, unveiling your skills and talents and uncovering goals and challenges to Step Up in life and in your work role. The 40-hour programme involves group discussions and engaging activities to help build staff confidence and strengthen teamwork. The programme has been running successfully since 2015, with over 400 staff having participated. Participants and their managers have reported positive outcomes, including enhanced confidence, improved communication and teamwork and greater willingness to take on higher responsibilities and further training. 

Feedback from Cohort 4 class on November 27, 2019

"Really good writing."

"So vibrant the pictures are about something so sad."

"What a beautiful book."

"It’s so nice."

"Very colorful."

Wilson: "I read the book’s introduction/author and then got into the book. "

Emma: "A mixture. Just get into it.  I look at pictures to clarify the words. Deep and meaningful book."

Betty: "I would look at the topic and the title and then if I don’t get the meaning I’d look at the pictures. There’s a really good story in there and it brings out the thoughts of the writer and how she’s getting back on track. Until she opened up it really helps."

Jeannette: "The colour is beautiful- there are scary things at the beginning and then at the end there’s joy and hope. Lots of yellow indicates joy. The colours are lighter and brighter showing her hopes for the future."

Cecilia: "Skimming through the book to get an idea of what it’s about. It’s mainly the words I was reading and then reflecting on the pictures. Interesting to see how the book goes from negative to positive."

Rea: "At first I look at the pictures and then go through the words. Different kinds of love- expressions and relationships. It expresses hardship in the relationship."

Tania: "Pictures are lovely- I was more focused on the words and the meaning. Out of the dark into the light. I like the poem."

Step up cohort 4 class on November 27, 2019

If you'd like to get Freedom Song as a resource for your courses/training and facilitation, please get in touch with us

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