What happens when you drop a bomb?

What happens when you drop a bomb?

I was woken on Thursday morning by our 13 year old son who informed us that America had dropped a MOAB on Afghanistan.

"What's a MOAB?" I asked still wishing to be still asleep.

"The Mother of all Bombs," he said.

I reassured him that this was definitely not the start of WW3 and that all would be well, while inside I was thinking about bombs and mothers and how those two words should never be used in the same sentence.

And then I thought about the reality of bombs and bombing and what is really going on when someone authorises a bomb to be dropped on a certain part of our world.

Firstly, the person or organisation doing the bombing must have no understanding or respect for the connectedness of our planet and our humanity.

The person must believe that some good can come a device whose sole purpose is destruction.

And that person or organisation is ignorant of nature's laws, and of the delicate balance that has kept us humans safe on this planet for fifty thousand years.

It seems that we could equate dropping a bomb on a country, with a toddler who throws all her toys out of the crib in a rage. The toddler does not need judgment but guidance, someone older and more experienced to explain to them that there are better ways to deal with their anger.

And yet many of us are despairing as it seems that the toddler is in charge and there is no way to change the destructive behaviour that has been praised as presidential and strong.

When we drop a bomb of any kind, metaphorical, emotional or spiritual, it is because we have refused to look more deeply, or look within for solutions to problems that cause us pain.

Instead of doing the hard work, the person sending a bomb lashes out. They would rather destroy this "other" person or "other" country because they believe that somehow this will take their own pain away.

But we know this is not true. We know that every bomb that is detonated makes a new scar on the heart of our humanity. We know that each and every child killed from this misplaced rage and ignorance will wait within us to be heard, and to be understood, and to be mourned.

And yet I have no answers. All I do know is that dropping bombs is not an evolutionary strategy for human beings, and that out collective hearts and minds are taking a battering from the injustice, ignorance and narcissism that seem to be proliferating in our worldwide leadership at this time.

The last few thousand years have not been a great advertisement for the patriarchy. It is time for a change. It is time for those of us who grieve for the loss of innocent lives to stand up and express our rage, and our wisdom and our possible solutions.

I don't know how this will unfold but I can feel deep down inside me, the growing desire to make a change, to take back the power, to grow a community of resistance, intelligence and reverence for our sacred mother earth, to create a future for our children and for ourselves.

I don't have the answers yet, but I do know that dropping bombs on other people is definitely not a sustainable strategy for our future as human beings on this sacred and irreplaceable planet.